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  8 September 2010
Facebook Resizer added

  28 March 2010
Video Tutorial Added

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Facebook Image Resizer added

8 September 2010

We have added a brand new tool to compliment the existing Image Resizer - this one is specifically to resize your images ready for facebook and then helps you publish the images directly to your facebook photo gallery.

Video Tutorial Added

28 March 2010

We have added the first video tutorial that shows step by step how to use shrinkpictures to resize your photos.

Tutorials Added

1 February 2009

We have added some Tutorials on Resizing your images

11 Million Photos resized

14 January 2009

We have resized in excess of 11 Million images since September 2005 - as of today, the exact number is 11,248,519

5 Million Photos resized

1 November 2007

We have resized in excess of 5 Million images since this website was launched in September 2005.  Over the last 3 months we resize over 400,000 images Per month.

3 Million Pictures Resized

2 June 2007

in the last 10 weeks we have resized another 1,000,000 images and now we have resized over 3,000,000 Images

2 Million Pictures Resized

17 March 2007

3 months after passing the 1 Million mark, we have now resized a further million images bringing the total number of photos we have resized for web users to over 2 million

1 Million Photos Resized

27 December 2006

In a little over 2 months we have resized another 1/2 million pictures, and now have exceeded 1 Million images that we have resized for our web users.

Updated FAQ's

20 November 2006

We have gone thru all the feedback that we have received and updated the FAQ Pages - We added some additional information and reviewed all the other information.

Feature added - Easy Download

31 October 2006

We added a new feature to make it easier for you.  Now, when you resize a photo, there is a download link.  Simply click the link and your resized picture or avatar will download to your computer.

Half a million Images Resized

12 October 2006

We have resized over half a million images. In the last 7 weeks we have gone from 1/4 Mill to 1/2 Million

250,00 Images Resized

20 August 2006

In just under a year since the site was launched Internet users have resized over a quarter of a million images using this website.

Website reviewed

19 August 2006

Our site has has been reviewed over at Site Review Blog

Features Added

15 August 2006

We have added some additional functionality to the resizing process.  When you resize a photo from your digital Camera, we now additionally copy the EXIF information from the original image into your new image and display it along with the resized photo.

150,00 Images Resized

18 July 2006

In just under a Month we have resized another 50,000 images for our website visitors

100,000 Images resized

19 June 2006

In just 2 months since we passed the 50,000 mark, we have now surpassed the 100,000 images that have been resized

Milestone - 50,000 Images Resized

18 April 2006
In 3 1/2 months a further 40,000 images have been resized, bringing the total resized images to 50,000.

Features Added - Create Avatar from Photo

2 Feb 2006
We have added a new tool that will crop and resize your photo for use as an avatar on your favourite Forum.  Follow the CREATE AVATAR Link in the site navigation.

Hosting of resized images

29 Dec 2005
A new interface was created that will allow users to upload their images directly from our server to a free image hosting site.  This offers the convenience of uploading the picture without having to download it to your computer first.

Milestone Reached - 10,000 Images resized

27 Dec 2005
This website has proven to be quite popular with 10,000 images having been resized since the site's inception

Articles Published

16 Nov 2005
We wrote 2 2-part article about our experiences and process of creating this website, with the aim of assisint other webmasters to create and sucessfullt launch their own sites.

Article 1 Discusses the Concept and launching of the website
Article 2 Discusses how the website was promoted

Feature added - send resized image via email

8 Nov 2005
To make the site easier to use, the ability to send any picture that has been resized via email was added.  Once an image has been resized, you can choose to send it to yourself (or a friend) via email - just put in the email address and click send!

Press Release Launching

29 Oct 2005
Afther the sucess of the initial release to Tipmonkies, we put together a new release and it was posted at PRWEB

This new website provides a simple interface so you can resize images or photo's. There is no need to learn how to use a complicated or expensive program - simply follow the instructions, fill in the form and a few seconds later, you can save the resized image.

The website can work with gif, jpg and png source images.

There are several uses of this website from taking a photo from your digital camera and shrinking it down before sending the picture in email - making the picture smaller will be much faster to send in email, especially if you are sending several pictures at once. The advantage of a web based tool is that you do not need to worry about having your image processing software on your computer - you can use this from anywhere with an internet connection. Lets say, you are on holidays or interstate working and take some pictures with your Digital Camera. The pictures may be over 1Meg in size. So before sending these pictures off in an email, simply resize them first.

Of course, anyone who visits online Forums will know that people personalise their online identity with a small picture called an avatar. Not everyone knows how to take a picture or photo and shrink it down so they can use it as their own unique avatar. This is a valuable tool that will provide that function for all forum owners!

The tools not only resize images, but optionally, you can apply an image filter to convert your image to either Greyscale or Sepia.

The output image is a jpg, and as an added bonus, you can select from 3 different output qualities. By selecting a lower quality, most pictures will still be quite ok to view on a computer screen, but they will result in a much smaller processed image.

By utilising these tools, the blogger can take a photo, shrink it to a size that will fit on their blog/website and of course select a suitable quality so that their site visitors are only downloading a small file - making their web page quicker and of course saving on bandwidth.

Added additional Features

26 Oct 2005
After a few requests, we added the option to allow the user to select a custom size for their images.  Additional resources showing how to link to us were added.

Initial Press release

15 Oct 2005
The following Small Release was picked up by Tipmonkies and syndicated by various sites

Looking for another simple website to resize your images? Then check out Shrink Pictures. Using the site is very straightforward. Simply select the new size and submit a picture and it will resize it to whatever option you choose. It is a really simple thing to use and rather than having to load up your image software, you have easy access to this tool online. Additionally, there are a couple of special effects you can apply to a picture - you can change any picture to greyscale or sepia. Shrink Pictures is totally free, of course

Bugfixes and resize options modified

19 Sept 2005
Some minor bugs were fixed and the image dimensions were modified after feedback from site visitors online

12 Sept 2005
Shrink Pictures website was created and made available