Examples of resized images

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I simply grabbed my digital camera and set it to take a picture at 1024x768 so that a real-life example of image resizing could be used.

The original image is 1024 x 768 and 215K in size.

original image

Now, we selected 760 maximum size at better quality - and the resized image is 760 x 570 and 49.2K file

Resized image

This time, we selected maximum size 400, and chose the greyscale filter (when we choose a filter, the quality is automatically set to best, regardless of selection) This gives us a 400 x 300 image that is only 12K in size.

Resized image with greyscale Filter

Finally, we selected 25% and the Sepia Filter, and we get a 256 x 192 image that is 6.7K in size.

Resized image with a Sepia Filter applied

When you Create an avatar your photo is not only resized, but cropped to a square.  As we don't know which part of your photo you want to keep, we make 3 different crops and you simply choose which one you want to use.  We selected 200 for the size.

Top or Left crop

Centre crop

Bottom or Right Crop

Using the same Photo, we creaated an avatar 60 by 60 and choose only the centre cropped picture.

60 by 60 Avatar