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Feedback from Users

December 1, 2013 - Roger My 7 year old grandson has just shown me how to use it and it's so simple I doubt that I'll forget how to. I\'m 67.

Shrinkpictures - Even after all the years we have had this site, it is still great to see that there are people who find it so useful!

November 5, 2007 - Pam I know you get tons of mail, but I have to tell you, I LOVE this site!!!! Truly priceless - my photo situation was a disaster till I found your site... maybe you can fix up the mess in the Middle East next?

Pam, We appreciate your comment and we are only to glad to help with your images - the Middle East is far bigger than what we can fix - Shrinkpictures

September 24, 2007 - Saralyn looks like no one has left a comment in a while...i think your site is saved me so much time than trying to do it in a photo editor program...thanks!!!

shrinkpictures - We get comments all the time which we truly appreciate, we simply could not put them all here or this page would be very long!

July 19, 2006 - Cara you are THE BEST!!! I've been trying to use Paint and photo suite to do this, and just getting one corner of the picture. You are officially in my bookmarks, be prepared to see lots of my pics! Thank you so much!!!

April 30, 2006 - Heather thankyou thankyou..idiot proof.perfect

April 16, 2006 - Susan it was perfect.

April 15, 2006 - Danielle Your program saved my @ss! Thanks!

April 13, 2006 - Andre I am very pleased with this site........a lifesaver, really.......Thank you!

April 10, 2006 - Owen top site, great work people, A++++++++

February 8, 2006 - Paul Really useful and quick resizing.